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Daniela Rodrigues

17th part of the First Rio City Aesthetic Marathon (concept): 0.789 kilometers in 10:07 minutes – completed on Thursday, April 14th 2016, in the quarter Santa Teresa (overall ma). The artist Daniela Rodrigues lives in Rio de Janeiro (more about her).


Why did you choose this part to represent Rio de Janeiro at the First Rio City Aesthetic Marathon?

I live here where we stand now, and down there in Glória is the next metro station for me. So I walk this way every day up and down. It also shows in my opinion a special connection with nature, I do not know whether you have noticed on the way up with me, but all of a sudden the town becomes more quiet and you see trees growing into the electric wires. Santa Teresa is proud of itself and also touristic. And at the same time it is like an island because the town is very hilly. I had to walk upwards to show Rio de Janeiro from above for two reasons: because there is no good traffic connection, you must fight to get through this hilly town, and because of the aesthetics, the relation to the greenery, to the peaks and the panorama.

Enjoying Rio

Your favourite art place?
The gallery Saracura, because of its independent character, because of the mobilizing strength of Paula, Bianca and César who run the project, because of the idealistic plan and the people involved, because of the desire to articulate ideas, to get talks going, to connect people, to support researches and to appeal to various subjects. It still is young in Rio, but the good mood which I found there (and which I foresee for future events) makes this gallery incomparable in the miraculous town.

Your favourite shop in Rio?
The stationery Caçúla in the Rua de Buenos Aires, in the town quarter Saara in the centre of Rio. Notebooks, pencils, stamps, paintbrushes, watercolors, but also feathers, glitter, carnival squibs. I always look for material when I start a new project or want to send a handwritten letter. And it is always a good reason to walk the streets of Saara, to hear the cacophonic shop assistants and to see the stuff made in China shining behind every shop-window.

Your favourite restaurant in Rio – and what should you order there?
I want to recommend no restaurant (I am a vegetarian and love to cook, take only few meals outside), but a lanchonete: the Cultivar in Santa Teresa where I have breakfast with certain regularity. I recommend the following menu: ½ serving of pão de queijo + juice from fruit concentrate (cupuaçu!) mixed with linseed, followed by an espresso, also wonderfully there.

First Publication: 23-5-2016

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